6 Tips to Make Your Holiday Event Do Good

NewsletterFeatureImageWith the holiday season around the corner, take some tips from Mark Addison and the EVENTSTYLE team with details that make a difference long after the event has ended. We work with our clients to ensure that events are socially and environmentally responsible. Here is an idea of what YOU can do to make your next event memorable for even those not on the guest list:


1VENUE: Choose the Venue Wisely and Consider a Non-Profit Space. It’s a win-win allowing for a necessary event cost to double as a charitable donation. Some of our favorite Non-Profit venues in New York include:

World Monument Funds Gallery – A sleek and modern gallery where 100% of rental proceeds support Common Ground’s mission to end homelessness in New York

 Central Park Zoo – This iconic venue helps support Wildlife Conservation Society’s mission to help save wildlife and wild places around the globe

Angel Orensanz – As the oldest synagogue in New York, this historic landmark funds The Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts, an artistic and cultural resource open to artists, writers, thinkers and leaders from all over the world.


 2COCKTAILS: Details that Make a BIG Difference! We love to work with brands that incorporate social awareness in their identity! ONE HOPE Wine donates a portion of their proceeds to different causes. The Pinot Noir supports ASPCA and animal shelters. Belvedere’s special edition RED bottle raises money for the Global Fund, fighting HIV/AIDS.


3DECOR: Donate Supplies & Materials to be Repurposed. For your event, we will work with local organizations to ensure that any leftover materials, food, or décor is put to good use! From scheduling a pick up, arranging for a messenger, or posting items for direct donation, we are committed to the philosophy that no resources go to waste.

By distributing donated props and materials to local charities Film Biz Recycling prevents pollution, creates jobs and aids our community. Since its inception in 2008, FBR has diverted over 450 tons of materials from the NYC waste stream.

Materials For The Arts takes donations and provides them to artists, nonprofit cultural organizations, and educators throughout the city.


4FOOD: Make the Most of Leftovers! We work with green caterers who facilitate food donation and/or composting. They also feature local and organic food. For large-scale events we schedule pick ups ahead of time so that at the end of the event leftovers can be donated directly to Food Banks. We also work with local soup kitchens and food pantries. 


5GIFTS: Think Outside the Favor Box. Select favors with a purpose! We work with retailers who donate a percentage of their sales to charities. OR make a donation on behalf of your guests in lieu of a physical favor. We create thoughtful and personal takeaways to ensure that guests know about the donation made in their name and its impact.


6VENDORS: Use Good People! We place a priority on utilizing local vendors which in turn supports local communities and conserves energy overall. Buying fair trade products is another detail that promises so much more, promoting fair working conditions and helping to improve impoverished communities globally.


We are the experts when it comes to applying these resources to experiences of all types and sizes. We practice what we preach committed to giving back as a firm and in our work. Contact us to explore new ways to make your next event DO GOOD!


beachMigrating South for the winter?
MA | ES is proud to announce our newest
office location in South Florida!


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Adieu to Summer

AdieutoSummer_TitleDSC_4692 87

EVENTSTYLE Founder Mark Addison co-hosted an exclusive luncheon with Alejandro Saralegui, Director of the Madoo Conservancy, to bid farewell to another successful summer season and introduce potential new patrons to the magical gardens of Madoo.  An artistic theme was created for the luncheon, which was inspired by the lost legacy of artist and Madoo Founder Robert Dash’s paintings. The guests dined al fresco in the garden at a table of Mark’s design following a tour of the property led by Alejandro.

DSC_4633 62The tabletop décor was created using painter’s canvas drop cloths as the table linens with each guest’s place setting painted on the linens in a trio of bold acrylic paint colors. A single still-life inspired centerpiece was fashioned using fruits from a local farm stand as well as flowers and foliage from the garden.

The menu was designed with an artistic eye to thread the artful theme throughout the guests’ experience!

DSC_4499 2Waiters with glasses of champagne and garden-inspired essences of raspberry mint, lemon ginger and rose greeted guests at the entrance.  Each guest chose a blend of the essences to create a personalized and colorful Champagne Cocktail.

DSC_4506 6

The hors d’oeuvres consisted of Finger Paint Crudité passed in individual compote glasses with three different bright dipping sauces and a Tomato Watercolor with basil oil and bread stir stick.

DSC_4723 105

The first course was Paint by Numbers Flatbread featuring an individual flatbread for each guest to personally “paint” with a variety of infused oils, spreads and purees in artist trays placed on the table. Additionally each guest had an individual palette of herbs, salts, and pepper at each of their settings to further personalize the seasoning of their edible masterpieces.

DSC_4796 15

The salad course was a Cubist Salad featuring locally sourced ingredients of avocados, cucumbers, tomatoes, and watermelon cubed and arranged in an artistic square and finished with champagne vinaigrette and micro greens.

DSC_4863 44

The main course was a Landscape & Seascape, a playful take on the surf & turf featuring poached chicken in a field of broccoli with potato stones and broiled shrimp in a sea of yellow squash spaghetti, inspired by the foodscape photography of Carl Warner.

DSC_4892 57The dessert course was truly work of art! Individual Palettes of Petit Fours were created with brightly colored cake icing overflowing atop 5 miniature cakes presented on authentic plastic painting palettes.  Verbena Nasturtium Tea accompanied the sweet ending.

Guests enjoyed the final tour of the Summer House gardens as they departed to enjoy the remainder of their Labor Day weekend! …Until next year, Adieu Summer!

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CVS Essence of Beauty: Finding The Perfect Venue


This past June The ES Team teamed up with CVS & Kaplow PR to design an event which would create buzz and excitement for CVS’s Essence of Beauty Fine Fragrance brand story and new products, including 4 new fine fragrance collections: Secret Woods, Forever Paris, In The Tropics, & Wind Kissed.

A major focus of this event was placed on the venue selection – which needed to evoke the essence of the new product collections. The brand & PR teams were very specific and required a space that would highlight the natural elements in each of the 4 different collections.

The ES Team then applied the following filters:

  1. Ideal location for maximum guest attendance (not too far uptown / downtown)
  2. Welcoming and upscale entrance
  3. A venue that has not been overused by other beauty brands
  4. Overnight access for the ES team to install prior to the 9AM event start time
  5. Most importantly – within budget!
Midtown Loft

Midtown Loft

gramercy park

Gramercy Terrace

After several rounds of venue recommendations, 2 finalists emerged; the classic Gramercy Terrace & the Midtown Loft with incredible park views. The client liked both options and their different approaches to the event’s objective. Gramercy Terrace is a quintessential event venue with upscale catering, gorgeous lobby entrance, and existing greenery. The loft venue was a blank slate in which ES would create an indoor garden environment with the added element of surprise.

eventstyle-cvs-033In the end Gramercy Terrace was the winner due to it’s location, prestige and existing garden rooftop.  The ES Team got to work developing a plan to enhance the rooftop garden and represent the 4 distinct personalities for each of the new collections.  An authentic area for each of the fine fragrance collections created to highlight the product ingredients, graphic themes and individuality.

eventstyle-cvs-066A custom graphic pedestal was created from each of the new collection’s packaging themes to showcase the full product line within each of their environments.

Praise from our client:  “The venue and décor was stunning and truly made it the lush interactive experience we had always envisioned. Thank you to you and your staff for your excellence and professionalism in making it come to life. It was seamless on my end, which means I know how much work went into the presentation of it all!” 

– Danielle Marcus, CVS Communications Manager


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Super Saturday by the Numbers

BytheNumbers_HeaderThe super in Super Saturday not only stands for the famous goodie bags and star studded celebs who attend but also the amount of work & support that goes into making this event possible! Mark Addison and The EVENTSTYLE team gathered some fun stats that shed some light on what goes into making this event possible. No detail is unimportant!


17,000 Square foot garage sale

14,000 #SuperSaturday hashtags

7,400 InStyle shopping bags


6,400 Clothing Hangers

4,200 VOSS water bottles served

1,200 Cups of Sant Ambroeus Gelato served


1,118 Carnival prizes

185 Press passes

900 Volunteers & staff


139 Garage sale vendors

80 ft Step & repeat (press line)

75 Full-sized products in the goodie bags


50 Sponsors

30 Raffle Items

11 Acres of property on Nova’s Ark Project

OCRF's Super Saturday 16 Produced by EVENTSTYLE

The most impressive number of all…

3.5 million dollars

raised in one day for

OCRF logo_pos_2C

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Hamptons Happenings


Summer season is officially in full swing and that means so is the bustling Hamptons community! The EVENTSTYLE Team has officially set up camp in our summer office and have been busy perusing the scene. Here are some our new favorite spots this year:

ImageTopping Rose House  (BRIDGEHAMPTON) 


One of Mark Addison’s personal favorites, the new Topping Rose House, is a Hamptons must. With fabulous digs and an incredibly tasty menu of locally sourced goods by Tom Colicchio, you’ll be happy you splurged.  1 BRIDGEHAMPTON – SAG TURNPIKE WEBSITE 



Serena And Lilly  (WAINSCOTT) 

ImageLooking to spruce up your summer house? Founders / designers Serena Dugan and Lily Kanter of Serena and Lily offer original textiles and chic home décor. Their collection was previously only available online but high demand led to the opening of their spacious Hamptons location. 332 MONTAUK HIGHWAWEBSITELine

ImageImageParish Art Museum (WATERMILL)   The Parrish Art Museum opened the doors to its new, 34,400-square-foot building this past fall. Seven sky-lit galleries showcase the story of Eastern Long Island’s history as an influential artists’ colony. This summer’s schedule features exciting exhibitions and events 279 MONTAUK HIGHWAY WEBSITE Line

Madoo Conservancy is celebrating its 20th anniversary as apublic garden this year. Mark & the EVENTSTYLE team will be producing it’s third annual, Much Ado About Madoo Garden Party and Market this weekend! The cocktail reception and auction will be held on Friday, June 14, while Saturday hosts the all day garden market. Click here to get your tickets and learn more about the event! Line

ImageImageFresh  (BRIDGEHAMPTON)              Opened by Veteran chef Todd Jacobs, Fresh serves a farm-to-table concept with New American dishes inspired by local and organic ingredients. For leaf lovers the restaurant specializes in chopped salads with a buffet of ingredients – feel free to mix & match to your heart’s desire. 203 BRIDGEHAMPTON SAG TURNPIKE WEBSITE Line

Image Juice Lane  (MONTAUK)                                         


For those of you embracing liquid salads and the juice craze that is taking NYC by storm, check out the first cold-pressed juice location to launch in the Hamptons! Juice Lane, started by two twin brothers dedicated to healthy living, features rejuvenating juices made from local produce. 354 MONTAUK HIGHWAY WEBSITE





ImageSalon Bar, a brand new uber luxurious spa offers a multitude of innovative services that will keep you looking beautiful and feeling glamorous during your time in the Hamptons.  In addition to the usual spa services, Salon Bar offers eyelash extensions, a 24-karat gold collagen mask, and even a private men’s lounge. 66 NEWTON LANE, SUITE 10 WEBSITE


ImageImageJoe Fresh Hamptons Summer Shop  (EAST HAMPTON)               With stylish and affordable clothing, Joe Fresh is a fast growing trend popping up all over but few know that their Hamptons store was originally their first footprint in the US. Not a new addition but definitely a must visit!   54 MAIN ST WEBSITE Line

Image Sienna Restaurant & Ultralounge – Pink Elephant                                   (EAST HAMPTON) Image                               Sienna Restaurant & Ultralounge is restaurateur Jonathon Rapillo’s latest creation boasting an exceptional dining experience combined with a world-class nightlife offering afterwards. As the evening progresses, the space smoothly transforms with the return of the infamous Pink Elephant. 44 THREE MILE HARBOR ROAD WEBSITE Line


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Events Go Green – 8 Top Tips


In honor of Earth Day, take a moment to consider some of our tips on how to help your event Go Green!  Not to mention, making your event more environmentally friendly can boost interest, attendance, audience excitement, and participation.  It may even attract positive media attention, making for a serious win-win.

1. Choose a Green Location Look for a venue with L.E.E.D. certification. These venues have been built, designed, and operated for improved environmental and human health performance. They reduce waste sent to landfills, conserve energy and water, and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Did you know that the Empire State Building is L.E.E.D. certified?

2. Provide Group Transportation Guest travel to an event is one of the largest environmental impacts. To reduce this impact, choose a central location or provide shuttles and public transport.

file20912796129903. Reducing Use of Disposable Products can greatly cut down on waste.For invitations, try to use a small amount of paper and if event handouts are necessary, create them double-sided. Instead of serving water in individual bottles, use pitchers and reusable cups. Americans throw away 25,000,000 plastic bottles every hour

4. Use Environmentally Conscious Products and Supplies Nowadays, you can find products that are made from 100% recycled materials and are BPA free. Consider using biodegradable trash bags, environmentally safer cleaning products, recycled paper and soy-based inks. Look for products with an eco-label including organic, fair trade, FSC, VOC free, and PVC-free paints.

file72213081102185. Serve Eco-friendly Food A typical dinner travels over 1,500 miles before it’s served.  Choosing locally grown food greatly reduces the resources that are expended during packaging and transporting goods. Locally grown, organic, seasonal, and sustainable food sources should be utilized when possible.  Mark’s summer luncheon hosted at the Madoo Gardens featured the surrounding community with local ingredients, suppliers, and even a menu inspired from the landscape.

ID-100318976. Reduce Energy Consumption Every guest is equivalent to a 175-kilowatt heater, so consider turning down the thermostat during events. Use energy efficient lighting such as compact fluorescent lighting, or schedule your event during the daytime, which can remove the need for lighting all together. For outdoor events, choose a biodiesel generator.

7. Recycle Recycle Recycle We all know the crazy statistics translating recycled paper to saved trees, water, oil, and energy, but multiply those numbers with a guest count and it adds up quick. Look into your local waste management and recycling options and make sure that the event recycle bins are prominently located and labeled.

8. Social and Economic Development Think locally not only with food, but also when purchasing products and hiring staff. The whole community will benefit economically. The green event training could result in a community with better knowledge about sustainable living practices and the power to make more responsible decisions.


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Summer’s 7 Best

Summer's7BestHeadlineThe EVENTSTYLE NYC office is anxiously awaiting warm weather and a good excuse for a Fire Cracker Margarita. In the meantime, we are excited to announce that Mark Addison & The EVENTSTYLE Team will setup shop in the Hamptons again for the 2013 Summer Season.  With March Madness event planning winding up, lets recap some of Mark Addison’s favorite events from the 2012 summer season.

1. Hamptons 14th Annual Memorial Day Celebration


Donny Deutsch , Star Jones, Rosanna Scotto, Samantha Yanks, Matt Lauer (Photo Credit: Hamptons Magazine)

No one kicks-off the summer like Hamptons Magazine and their 14th Annual Memorial Day celebration honoring the Memorial Day Issue cover star. Last year’s cover featured TODAY show host and Hamptons resident, Matt Lauer, speaking about his inspiration to launch a campaign too keep the East End pristine and clean. Local residents and celebrity guests, including our very own Mark Addison, stopped by the event held at The Southampton Social Club. Who will be selected for the 2013 cover?

Martha Stewart and ERES present the Fall Winter 2012 Collection

Martha Stewart & Mark Addison

2. ERES Shopping Experience, Hosted by Martha Stewart

The ES Team kicked off our summer season with an exclusive ERES shopping experience, hosted by Martha Stewart who invited guests to the ERES East Hampton boutique to browse their Spring / Summer collection while enjoying champagne and Laduree macarons. Models showed off some of the new collection pieces, a favorite brand amongst the local community. Mark Addison was on site to visit with Martha and enjoy a few of his favorite macaroons himself.

Much Ado About Madoo

Much Ado About Madoo The Genius of England Invitation

3. Much Ado About Madoo: The Genius of England

 In June, the ES Team produced Much Ado About Madoo to benefit the picturesque Madoo gardens. Guests shopped from local vendors, attended floral & gardening classes, and partook in guided tours. The event was topped off with a cocktail hour as well as silent and live auctions featuring Jaimie Niven of Christie’s as the auctioneer. ES is gearing up to reprise its role as producer of Much Ado About Madoo 2013. Check out the exclusive luncheon Mark hosted at Madoo at the end of the season.

4. ArtHamptons International Art Fair


Mark caught the step by step of a live art exhibition which featured models painted completely white and splattered in paint. The performance paid tribute to the featured artist of the fair, Jason Pollack

The annual ArtHamptons international art fair was one of Mark’s favorite new events of the 2012 season. With more than 95 acres, Nova’s Art Project hosted the event this past July with over 9,500 guests over three days. The program included various panel discussions, special events, celebrity appearances, and 80 galleries exhibiting art. The fair emerged as one of the premiere must-attend events of the summer celebrating the local art community and its history as an art colony. This year’s fair is scheduled for July 11th-14th.


SS15 Host Kelly Ripa & Mark Addison

5. Super Saturday 15

At the highlight of any fashionista’s summer is certainly Super Saturday, which Mark & The ES Team will be producing for the 12th year on July 27th. In addition to the main attraction, shopping, this sensational fundraiser for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund offers guests unique sponsored brand experiences. (Not to mention the celebrity sightings!) Past years’ celebs include SS creator Donna Karan, Kelly Ripa, Rachel Zoe, Mark Feuerstein, the Kardashian Klan, Abigail Breslin, Emma Roberts, Christy Turlington, Russel Simmons, and many more.  Be sure to check back for exciting updates and sneak peak details! (Fingers crossed that there’s no need for rain boots this year!)

6. Hampton Cup at the Bridgehampton Polo Challenge

Perrier Jouet presents A savory tasting with Godfather of Nuevo Latino Cuisine, Chef Doug Rodriguez at the 2008 Mercedes-Benz Bridgehampton Polo Challenge at Blue Star Jets Field

Bridgehampton Polo Club hosts the coveted Polo Challenge

For six consecutive Saturdays, Two Trees Farm hosts polo’s greatest athletes as they compete for the coveted Hampton Cup at the Bridgehampton Polo Challenge at the end of August. Major attractions of these exclusive Saturdays are the luxurious tents hosting a high profile and influential audience of V.I.P’s, celebrities and media. Mark Addison could be spotted on the sidelines divot stomping with Hamptons Magazine editor in chief Samantha Yanks.


Claudia Bicalho, owner of Lazypoint in Amagansett, gets some tips from entertaining expert Mark Addison

7. A New Mark Addison Party Planning Series, Entertain!

With years of experience and industry knowledge, Designer and Entertaining Expert, Mark Addison, shared his tricks of the trade launching an exciting new party planning series, Entertain!  While guests enjoyed the party, they were also “schooled” on the makings of a successful event, from learning how to prepare a themed party menu to step-by-step instructions on how to create inspired table decor. Mark successfully armed the ladies with pro party planning tools and tips leaving them be prepared for any entertaining challenge.

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